2012 Big Doom – a day of big business, end-of-time parties & last scenarios

. the year of apocalyse – don’t loose your money, because we’ve warned for 21.12.2012 . the 3 main risks: 1. sun (storms to gamma hypernova, the sun between earth and the middle of our galaxy disturbs cosmic radiation) 2. planet X (Nibiru) … meteorits 3. black holes. . also lead to supervolcano (Yellowstone,…) . […]

Future 2012-2022: The Arabellion – revolution of the Arab(ian) world(s)

. Arabellion (portmanteau of arabic and rebellion named like Prague Spring), also known as The Arab Spring, the Arabic Rebellions or called the Arab Revolutions … is a “civil resistance” (Megatrend 2012) of the whole Arab World till China (Jasmin Revolution, Mòlihuā Gémìng) . read also Jasmine (tea, flower, revolution) – the political world 2011 […]