Roman Retzbach

I am the lively founder of the Future.Institute and still today active ProFuturist as SuperForesighter. American and Chinese investors finance and support us. The Future.Institute and Future.University belong to the global public – so everyone on this Earth Planet is co-owner. Welcome in the Future!

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Roman Retzbach – CV

The Future.Institute was founded 1920 and reactivated 1986 by myself. I was working over 10 years in USA and 10 years living in China.  I’m working over 30 years international as future researcher, future manager, future investor to get future expert today.


Our Future Mission

I’m professional futurist and super-foresighter over 30 years. My Future.Institute is worldwide the leading Future.University of futures sciences and futures studies management. The Know-how of the coming-up global highlights to international supertrends in technology-innovations over the next 100(0) years gives you the outlook to vision of ToE – the theory of everthing, the final master ultimatum algorithm of the futures Universe. Our vision is the time travel of the humankind in outer space to live on infinitely exo to earth planets with other existences and intelligences – our mission to start this expedition for a better future of our planet.