Book Fair 2014: “Future-Marketing” – my new book

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– Book Presentation & Content – World Premiere –

Future-Marketing | Marketing of the Future
– the Future(s)-Knigge for Species of all kinds

It is only a matter of time when the world space age begins for the humankind, and we’ll find aliens in our search for extraterrestrial life.
There are endless life & exoplanets like our Earth and thus limitless living beings and many other creatures and markets. But hardly any of us, and the least companies are prepared for it. When the gold rush begins, those who have a place reserved in a spaceship, be the first lucky winner. Because the business will be many times greater than the Moon and Mars commission conquest together.

Who does not want to finish first business with consumption oriented aliens, be not the first company to conquer entirely many new planets markets? Because on our globalized world markets have long been divided, consumers are difficult everywhere … . You know that certainly already!
So imagine once before to be the first with your business on another planet with billions of sale enthusiastic aliens! Guaranteed mass distribution, full media and advertising attention, the unique character of your product, a market demand for skim, or / … but.

This book is a serious guide on how to prepare to alien markets, to completely new consumers and for travels to other planets today for tomorrow.

1: 0 The Brave New Perfect World between Aliens and Robots
1.1 Infinite Marketing and impossible Advertising
1.2 Space Knigge – Love & Death
2: 0 The Perfect Space-Marketing
2.1 The hyperkratic Laws
2.2 Dark Marketing: The dark side of Marketing
3: 0 The seductive Species Marketing
3.1 Species Marketing – the special of all species
3.2 Extraterrestrial Marketing – quite extraordinary
4: 0 The Marketing Etiquette – A Guide for the Space Age
4.1 Future fears are real Marketing Dreams
4.2 Multi(Uni)verses – between Karma & Sex
5: 0 Codes (of Conduct) in dealing with all kinds of Aliens
5.1 Extraterrestrial good negotiations and sales tactics
5.2 Species ABC of buyer & seller typologies
6: 0 The Perfect Universe Marketing – fit for extraterrestrial markets
6.1 The 4 + 1 Marketing Forces of the Future
6.2 The Perfect Many-Worlds Marketing
7: 0 The Marketing Dictionary of the Future

The German version is complete (100 pages), the English nearly ready and Chinese in preparation. The book could be published at any time. Prospective publishers are hereby sought.

Roman Retzbach (Facebook, Xing, Linkedin,…),; mobil: 01577-2061903; Appointments at the Book Fair or thereafter are possible.

Future-Trend(factor)- Rating & Ranking (T-Rex): 8 of 10 stars
Recommand to invest in: 8 of 10 stars
Trend Awards (TA) for “Trends 2014-2016”
Future Awards (ZA) for “Megatrends 2014-2024”
Trendscout (TA Bachelor) / Futurist (FU Master)
How will be 2014 to 2024?

1 Year Course “Trendscout” – learn all by online materials to get a certified Trendscout (Trend-Academy)
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1 Year Course “Futurist” – learn all by online materials to get a certified Future-Specialist (Future-Academy)
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