20 Forecasts for 2014 – 2030 – Megatrends & Breakthroughs (by World Future Society)

Forecast #1: Electric cars powered by fuel cells earn extra cash for their owners
Forecast #2: Open-source robot blueprints cut the cost of robots by 90%
Forecast #3: Smart phones help spur political reform in Africa
Forecast #5: The “cloud” will become more intelligent, not just a place to store data
Forecast #6: 3-D Printing Revolutionizes Manufacturing
Forecast #7: India may eclipse China in population and innovation by 2028
Forecast #8: A “green” housing boom is under way
Forecast #9: Robots may become gentler caregivers in the next 10 years
Forecast #10: A revolution in smart materials creates a new energy boom
Forecast #11: “The Internet of Things” Creates a Revolution of Wired Devices
Forecast #12: Shake-Up in the “C Suite”
Forecast #13: A handheld “breathalyzer” will diagnose diseases in seconds
Forecast #14: “Lab-on-a-Chip” Technologies Revolutionize Health
Forecast #15: Drug-delivering nanorobots built from DNA could be approved for use in humans within 20 years
Forecast #16: Longevity Revolution Creates Lifespan “Haves” and “Have-Nots”
Forecast #17: “Rateocracy” and augmented reality makes corporate reputation a key driver of profitability
Forecast #18: “Peak Water” may become a bigger problem than peak oil
Forecast #19: Amish Boom
Forecast #20: The next space age will launch after 2020, driven by competition and “adventure capitalists”
20 Forecasts
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  1. Dear Community,

    very nice list of future trends and we should, – no – we must ugrade this list forecasting the social, emotional and political impacts the predicted developments may have on our race.
    Most of the trends in the list above consist the technological development.
    Recent changes in the social structure, social values and behavior push us to think about their impact and possible misues of the new technologies on our social system.

    Best regards

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