18th German Federal Election 2013: Angela Merkel (“Mutti”) – the forecasted winner 22.9.

. against Peer Steinbrück, Rainer Brüderle, Jürgen Trittin,… German Federal Election 2013 . . read also about the trends 2013/2014 (consumer, lifestyle, hightech, hollywood, royal…) here – actual the Trend Award 2013 & “Trends 2013-2015” .

“RoBots Watching YoU(S) …”

. Kirobo (kibo jap. for hope), is a talking ‘psychiatric’-supporting partner; the 2nd (toy-looking like now only) generation of (Ro)Bots, who control humans – the next step in the Big-Brother-is-watching-you are android-humanoids, check-monitor-supervise human-beings in an e(nter)-tainment way … and the next robos-watch-humans are just waiting (for us) . . read also about the trends […]