French presidential election 2012: François Hollande – predicted new president

. French presidential election 2012 . No.1 François Hollande (PS / Socialist Party) – predicted new President of the French Republic . 2. Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP / Union for a Popular Movement) – current President of the French Republic . 3. Marine Le Pen – FN / National Front . 4. Jean-Luc Mélenchon – Left […]

Future Award 2012: Shared spaces & places – rank No. 10

– the top place as top innovation for public solutions. Shared space is an urban infrastrucuture – and also future design concept – to integrate all motor vehicles, pedestrians and other road users in the same public (s)p(l)aces; the idea & concept is also to reduce traffic signs & lights (german: Gemeinschaftsstraße or Begegnungszone – […]

Future trend 2012: Collaborative Consumption (CoCo or KoKonsum)

. Collaborative Consumption (CoCo) is a very big trend the next years… . …”from EGO to ECO” – social commerce is growing everywhere, behind and following all “sharing” concepts (car to file sharing, garden free renting, …) to “co”-deals (coworking, co-housing,…common work, cooperative projects), “peer-to-peer” exchange, crowd funding to reputation capital,… . Collaborative Consumption (CoCo) […]

Future 2012: 4 MINT for US Presidential Election

. these 4+1 U.S.Mint (Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point, Fort Knox) decide the US Presidential Election . see also U.S. Mint (Colorado,California, Louisiana, Nevada) – german . U.S. MINT – official site . read also about the trends 2012/2013 (consumer, lifestyle, hightech, hollywood, royal…) here – actual the Trend Award 2012 & “Trends 2012-2013” […]

Future 2012: Urban Mining

. search, find and (re)gain – back – energy and resources from all materials of a city (household to construction waste, scrap, old buildings, tech, tunnels … levels), special unknown hidden in the underground for centuries, because new metropoles are often build on historical or war-destroyed towns,…) . Urban Mining – german . Urban Mining […]