Wedding 2011: (Yes) I WILL …. William & Kate

. “Kate-William or William+Kate …Katwilli…Catwill” = is the UK future. .The UK marriage & crown wedding is and was more a PR marketing gag than real romantic love, but can help as symbiose & symbol to reform the government – is just today a sign for change in the bad social economic times . Kate: […]

Royality 2020: William & Kate

. “Kate: I WILL – William: yes (yes, yes….)” . The future of government systems 2011-2022: . scenario 1 (10%): William will give up the ‘job’ . scenario 2 (20%): William is supporting the direct democrazy and acting in a representative role . scenario 3 (30%): Williams wife will rule indirect als power woman like […]

All Innovation top’s flop till 2020 – so get green(er) tech

. Our top to flop & flop 2 top world 2011-2020: . We’re now at the step to the next technoloy wave and consumer revolution, where mostly the high-tech products and systems of the last century loose slowly their importance. New innovations will raise in popularity and gain economic power… it’s all what we call […]

Political system 2022

. The future of government systems 2011-2022: . scenario 1 (10%): Military to Single party governments, also Monarchy – absolute, constitutional to Commonwealth scenario 2 (20%): Semi-presidential system like France, Russia to Representative or Parlamentaric democracy Germany . scenario 3 (30%): Presidential republic like USA and Parliamentary republic like India . scenario 4 (40%): Direct […]

Google Prognosis: Lena wins EuroVision again

. scenario A (50%): right, because it’s a double manipulation, first the sponsors decide the winner after show business aspects to make more money and 2nd Google is a great opinion influencer . scenario B (50%): false/wrong, bec future always runs the other way than we think how our tomorrow will happen; the ‘flow of […]