DoCoMo Intelligent Glass con Google Smart Glass – nominated for Future-Award

DoCoMo Smart Glass acts to translates in Real-Time in many Multi languages . DoCoMo article about the Glass . . FutureTrend(factor)-Rating & Ranking (T-Rex): 6 of 10 stars . get more about futuring(s) forecasts, foresights, scenarios to visions – Bio, Nano, SciFi, Sex, Solar, HiTech .

All Innovation top’s flop till 2020 – so get green(er) tech

. Our top to flop & flop 2 top world 2011-2020: . We’re now at the step to the next technoloy wave and consumer revolution, where mostly the high-tech products and systems of the last century loose slowly their importance. New innovations will raise in popularity and gain economic power… it’s all what we call […]

Japan: 100 million dead and/or super-rescue

. Japan will survive, although it’s unbelievable & improbable: . 40% scenario: applied programmed Bio virus & cloned cells protect human bodies & resistant organic as reduce atomic attacks (-> Japan is the leading Bio-tech nation international) . 30% foresight: a.i.-power of robots, be used to repair & fix the destroyed protections walls and (re)build […]