DoCoMo Intelligent Glass con Google Smart Glass – nominated for Future-Award

DoCoMo Smart Glass acts to translates in Real-Time in many Multi languages . DoCoMo article about the Glass . . FutureTrend(factor)-Rating & Ranking (T-Rex): 6 of 10 stars . get more about futuring(s) forecasts, foresights, scenarios to visions – Bio, Nano, SciFi, Sex, Solar, HiTech .

Mobility 2020: self drive to driverless autopilots

Beside the e/mobiles and hybrids auto-driving cars get popular till 2020, there the passengers use the time for entertainment instead of waiting nerved in endless traffic jams. More and more autos drive worldwide, and so people use their mobile driving time more for smart-tech while getting fast transported safety and softly . Digital assistant Autopilot systems […]

All Innovation top’s flop till 2020 – so get green(er) tech

. Our top to flop & flop 2 top world 2011-2020: . We’re now at the step to the next technoloy wave and consumer revolution, where mostly the high-tech products and systems of the last century loose slowly their importance. New innovations will raise in popularity and gain economic power… it’s all what we call […]