Future Energy: Solar-Park on Moon – as Lunar Ring

… transforming the Moon into a giant Solar power Mirror Plant & Panel Planet with a Lunar rings … to ‘beam’ energy to Earth – to supply all needed Energy worldwide (Shimizu Corporation, Japan) . . Future-Trend(factor)-Rating & Ranking (T-Rex): 8 of 10 stars . Trend Awards (TA) for “Trends 2014-2016” Future Awards (ZA) for […]

Happy Dragon Boat Festival !大家粽子节愉快! 6.6.2011

. Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival, Drachenbootfest) . . read also about the trends 2011/2012 (consumer, lifestyle, hightech, hollywood, royal…) here – actual who will be the winner of the Women’s World Cup Germany (WWC) 2011: “Germany” .