12 Future Global Risks for World Doom

6 Current: Nuclear War, Climate Change to Ecological Catastrophe, Global Pandemic, Global System Collapse to Bad Policy Governance

2 exogenic: Major Asteroid Impact, Super Volcano, Sun Eruption to Collapse

4 emerging: Bio Tech (DNA Genes, Cloning, Synthetic,…), Nano Tech, Artificial Intelligence (RoBots,…), (Outer)Space to Fusion Tech (Dark Energy, Black Holes,…)

Mostly (10 of 12) are hand-made by us humans, 6 caused in past (current), 4 created in future (emerging) and against 2 we are not prepared with our tech (exogenic)

see also: Global Challenges Foundation and Open Letter of FutureofLife

Published by Roman Retzbach

Profuturist, Superforecaster, President

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