Forecasts 2015-2030 (by World Future Society)

Forecast #1: Electric cars powered by fuel cells earn extra cash for their owners
Forecast #2: Open-source robot blueprints cut the cost of robots by 90%
Forecast #3: Smart phones help spur political reform in Africa
Forecast #4: The world’s oceans may face “mass extinction event.”
Forecast #5: The “cloud” will become more intelligent, not just a place to store data
Forecast #6: 3-D Printing Revolutionizes Manufacturing
Forecast #7: India may eclipse China in population and innovationby 2028
Forecast #8: A “green” housing boom is under way
Forecast #9: Robots may become gentler caregivers in the next 10 years
Forecast #10: A revolution in smart materials creates a new energy boom
Forecast #11: “The Internet of Things” Creates a Revolution of Wired Devices
Forecast #12: Shake-Up in the “C Suite” New corporate leaders with new skills on the way
Forecast #13: A handheld “breathalyzer” will diagnose diseases in seconds
Forecast #14: “Lab-on-a-Chip” Technologies Revolutionize Health
Forecast #15: Drug-delivering nanorobots built from DNA could be approved for use in humans within 20 years
Forecast #16: Longevity Revolution Creates Lifespan “Haves” and “Have-Nots”
Forecast #17: “Rateocracy” and augmented reality makes corporate reputation a key driver of profitability
Forecast #18: “Peak Water” may become a bigger problem than peak oil
Forecast #19: Amish Boom – The fastest-growing religious group in the U.S. is the Amish. Their numbers will reach 1 million shortly after 2050.
Forecast #20: The next space age will launch after 2020, driven by competition and “adventure capitalists”

Forecasts 2015-2030 (by World Future Society)

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