10 Tech-Trends 2015 – by Spekrum

1. Reprogrammable Cells, clones & other materials (bio, nano,…) against virus, cancer, … Mikrofluidikforschung, sowie dem Biotech-Pionier Robert S. Langer arbeitet – entwickelte einen so genannten Silizium-Glas-Mikrochip, in den Nanokanäle geätzt sind, durch die dann die Zellen strömen.
2. Transparent Creatures, clarity tech & other living things (animals, alien beings,…plastination)
3. Organic powered fuel cells – driven by spit,…
4. Flexible Super Displays – improve eyesight by contact lenses to glasses for aging-society,…
5. Constructive (Duro)plastics – ultra hard, recyclable polymeres, …
6. Wireless charging – with sound waves
7. Batteries – capture low-energy sources (heat,…thermo-electric)
8. Video cam(eras) for micro-worlds (holographics, nanoparticles, …)
9. blocks in atomic size (graphs, … in lego modules)
Neo-DNA Epigenetic, EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)-Machines,…

10 Tech-Trends 2015 – by Spekrum

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