Food Trends 2014: Ugly Food – Fruits & Vegetables with character – no waste

Food with little Beauty mistakes, ‘nasty’ blemishes & out of the pseudo looking-good ideal: crooked cucumbers to hunched banana and knobbly potatoes, three-legged carrots as heart-shaped apples, oversized beets, radishes busted, scarred zucchini, unsightly to hideous food – smell & taste good and are a shame to sort out to throw away as waste
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Food-Stores, who sell Ugly Food:
Ugly Fruits
Ünique (Coop) with a photo contests
Culinary Misfits

Vegetables to Fruits as TV Stars:
Captain Vegetable (superhero on Sesame Street)
Fruits & Vegetables characters
VeggieTales characters
Future-Trend(factor)-Rating & Ranking (T-Rex): 8 of 10 stars

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