2012 FUTURE Japan

Future-Gau 2011-2021: atomic scenarios between risk & changes

in danger 2011-2021: 1. USA, 2. Japan, 3. France, 4. China,…Arabian countries
– a Gau (level 1-6) is a dangerous accident (see in USA, Japan),
– a Super-Gau (level 7-9) also danger the whole society by economic to political after-effects (Tschernobyl/Chernobyl – Ukraine, Fukushima/Japan)
a Future-Gau (level 10) destroys a whole infrastructure and nation for over 10 years – long-time (Japan, … )
an atomic deseaster can be a … (by probability)
– 40% FutureLab (new eco – same soc): create an new economy (eco), so pushes the megatrends like technologies (bio, nano, a.i./robots,…) – supported by the society (soc)

– 30% NewClone (same eco – new soc): concentrate & devide new the business and society, one side gets rich again and the other part poor – so a new system, that will develop and destroy old structures

– 20% FreeZone (same eco – same soc): open market with new investors (China and USA), but unliked by the people – so no really change & new development

– 10% ZeroWorld (new eco – new soc): ruin a whole economy & clash of the society for 10 years long-time; so by the time new generations grow up in a low-tech & back-driven devided society

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By Roman Retzbach

Profuturist, Superforecaster, President

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