Webinar: 10 Megatrends and Future Technologies 2020-2030

In 10 years 2 big futures (R)Evolutions are coming next, one is Artificial Intelligence as the peak of the digital age, which makes all technologies autonomous and intelligent, so that all urban mobility, metacities and Industry X.0 run independently. The second is bionic genetics, which upgrades and designs us humans to be more intelligently.
In this way, we survive and coexist in competition with AI robots and virtual-smart holo assistants.  We are increasingly living together with sentient robots, 24-hour agile drones, smart-virtual assistants and thoughtfully automobiles in an extended family. Our world earth becomes safer, quieter, smarter, faster and bigger.
1. Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Analytics
2. Blockchain & Crypto Currencies
3. Virtual Reality (AR, MR) & Digital Twins
4. Smart Assistants, RoBots & Spaces
5. Autonomous driving & E-Mobility (sky-taxi, air-drones, hyperloop, meglevs, …)
6. Genome Editing & DNA Crisp (designer humans, …)
7. Nano Technology & Quantum Computer
8. Holograms & Edge Computing
9. Immunotherapy, Anti-Aging & Cloning
10. (1.) Nuclear, solar & hydrogen fusion
Which are the coming futures Innovations, Inventions, Technologies to Global changes? Register free in my and get new experiences.


By Roman Retzbach

Profuturist, Superforecaster, President

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