China VIP’s 2014: Kuang Biao – 50∞0

500 re-twittered News, retweets to re-posted articels can be misunderstand as mass spam or social revolution, so could be punished till 3 years, but on the other side more and more MicroBlogger are able to tell their opinion inside of China.

So China is on the way to an own 2-system neo-democratic country.

Future(factor)-Rating & Ranking (T-Rex): 9 of 10 stars

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Trend Award (TA) for “Trends 2014-2016”
Future Award (ZA) for “Megatrends 2014-2024”
Trendscout (TA Bachelor) / Futurist (FU Master)
How will be 2014 to 2024?

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