The Trump Business Modell (TBM) – of the new US President

The AAA-challenge of Trump is starting now: “first destroy all old – than give hope and built up new”. He makes business politics – political business now:

  1. Attack direct (active – aggressive -anti): beat down first all your enemies  as concurrence
  2. Action hard (contacting-fighting – riding dead): all is aloud in business to gain power – so built up full power chain networks
  3. All under controll (renew – resilent – resist) – one direction vision, no stops, armed to targets

It’s Big Brother 2,
a 2 party politics of for-me-or-against-me:
1. investigations will be (s)low in social, but high in emergent as leading technologies (robots, bio-nano everywhere, ….)
2. more army hierarchy, weapons, wars, ….- less public lifestyle
3. business as unusual (Rambo-style) with Robing-Hood effects

“Trumps eyes are like an eagle, fixing his prey as war trophy …” so is his business & politics

Published by Roman Retzbach

Profuturist, Superforecaster, President

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