Fitness Trends 2016

ISPO Awards 2016 – Finalists
ISPO Awards 2016 – Winners
Icaros; Aztechmountain; Bio; Cobikike; …

Self-tracking, Wearable-gadegts, digital-mobiles, portable-outdoors, athleisure-textils (Jogging trousers for Business and Fitness jackets for Shopping), Fitness & Health combinated like at digi-bracelets with apps, deo-banana for skiing shoes, like-weight skiboards to surfboad blowup sails, portable cookers, so 3D-virtual helmets Bouldering, …

Die ISPO AWARD-Gewinner im Praxistest (ISPO MUNICH 2016) from ISPO on Vimeo.


By Roman Retzbach

Profuturist, Superforecaster, President

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