Speech & Interview: What’s 2016-2020?

How will be 2016-2020?
What are the themes and trends in books & movies of the next years, and in any media to all genres from comic / manga, children / youth, education / academic, fantasy / science-fiction to non-fiction …?

Was kommt 2016-2020? Wie wird 2016-2020 sein?
Was sind die Themen & Trends in Büchern & Filmen der nächsten Jahre und in jeweiligen Medien und allen Genres, von Comic / Manga, Kinder / Jugend, Wissenschaft / Bildung, Sach- / Fachbuch, Science-Fiction / Fantasy bis Belletristik …?

Book Fair 2015 (Frankfurt)
every day 14.-18.10.17 at 11-12 a.m. and 3-4 p.m.

Limited Event – so only invited persons: ask for a free ticket here: bookfair@worlds.university

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