Lists 2015: Completely Useless Websites

Completely Useless Websites – Meme to Pranks

1. Most Exclusive Website

2. Fake Wikipedia

3. Ugly Website

4 watching grass grow webcam

5. Simple Stupid www: Mini YouTube Videos with short sounds or graphics; Purple;

2014: The Button (Reddit)
Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake, …
2013: Exxen, NekNomination oder NekNominate (Beer-Game)
2011: Pepper Spraying Cop, …
2008: LolCats, Grumpy-Cat, RAge Comics, Trolls,…
2005: The Million Dollar Homepage
2004: Numa-Numa-Guy,
1999: Moorhuhn, …
1940er: Kilroy was here, …
Chain letter (Kettenbrief, later Hoax, Spam,…)

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