The Perfect Future Society (of Roman Retzbach): perfect Life,Love,Business,Jobs,Products,Technologies,World,MegaTrends

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ROMAN RETZBACH (50years/1964) is over 25 years futurist (Zukunftsforscher) and founder of the FUTURE-UNIVERSITY ∞ Future-Institutes, teaching Futures-Sciences (Zukunftswissenschaften).
Books (new):
• Future Marketing | Marketing of the Future, Publing House: Future-University, Berlin 2016
• Perfect Future | Perfect Future – the perfect World, Publing House: Future-University, New York 2014
• Future Laws | Laws of the Future – the universal Theory of Everything, Publing House: Future-Institute, Shanghai 2012

I’m Roman Retzbach (50 years/8.7.1964) –
– futurist / science-future (sf) researcher & investor
mobile: 049 1577 2061903
my skype: Future-Institute

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