Hello Future!

. get more about futuring(s), foresights, scenarios to visions – Bio, Nano, SciFi, Sex, Solar, HiTech . get more megatrends to future trends, mico-macro – what’s if coming next . get all about big to hip trends 2014 – consumer, gossip, in & out, lifestyle, hightech, hollywood, royal, sex, vip’s, xxx . get more big to consumer trends – what’s in & out . get trendscout to futurist – come and study at us .

Trend Award (TA) for “Trends 2014-2016” Future Award (ZA) for “Megatrends 2014-2024” Trendscout (TA Bachelor) / Futurist (FU Master) How will be 2014 to 2024?

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